Vocabulary learning resources - MP3 language audio

Language Addicts is a vocabulary learning resource, providing foreign language audio lessons for your IPOD/MP3 player.

There are many reasons to start learning another language - family ties, work or settling in a new country. Even so, finding the time can be a real challenge.

This is why our language audio method fits in around you. You can learn neatly grouped sets of vocab through your headphones at your convenience - In the car, on the train, at the gym, jogging or walking to work.

Our language audio albums give you vocab sets to learn in 3 stages: Familiarise, Recognise and Memorise.

In the Familiarise stage you will hear the foreign word several times, sandwiched by its English translation. You'll hear the word slowed-down too, to help with those unfamiliar sounds.

Once the words start to sink in move on to the Recognise stage - you'll hear the foreign word and have a few moments to recall the English. This reinforces the learning process.

The final stage – Memorise – is the true test. You'll hear the English word and have a few seconds to translate it. Once you can do that, the word is yours.

You will find our vocabulary learning resources easy to use and a great help in your quest to master that language.